Hey Guys, what’s UP with LOW T?

Low T stands for Low Testosterone, and in case you fell asleep during biology class…

Testosterone is the sex hormone responsible for male characteristics. Both men and women need testosterone to maintain muscle mass, bone mass, aid in fat distribution, enhance mood, energy, and sex drive, but men are suffering from testosterone imbalances at a much higher rate than women. 

Testosterone naturally decreases with aging starting around age 30. It is also decreased by chronic health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, autoimmune disorders, testicular or pituitary dysfunction, or use of medications such as steroids or opioids. 

Basic signs and symptoms of testosterone deficiency include: 

These come on within a few weeks of deficiency.

These symptoms may appear after months or years of deficiency.

People who are treated for their testosterone deficiency typically report feeling more energy, vigor for life, uplifted mood, improved sex drive, increased muscle tone, and fat loss. 

If you’ve been feeling fatigued, depressed, lack a desire to have sex, or have noticed weight gain, you could benefit from checking your testosterone levels and receiving care at The Back & Body Clinic. 

As a primary care clinic in Lewisville, Texas, we can help by conducting a review of your symptoms, physical exam, and lab work.  If we determine that you suffer from Low T, then we can recommend natural supplements, give guided lifestyle changes, and prescribe proven testosterone therapies.  

If you want to learn more, then take action and schedule your appointment with the medical professionals at The Back & Body Clinic in Lewisville today.  Same-day appointments are available to best serve you!

Kailey Turrubiarte, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

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