3 Reasons You Should Foam Roll

Foam rolling is growing in popularity, and for good reason...it works! We are big fans of foam rolling and we want you to be too. Here are three simple truths to convince you it's worth fitting into your day.

Tip 1:

Foam rolling can be used as a pre-exercise warm-up and post-exercise cooldown.

Foam rolling before exercise can help with injury prevention and foam rolling has been shown to help reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

Tip 2:

Foam rolling can help with range of motion. Simply put, foam rolling can act like stretching on steroids. 

Tip 3:

For people that aren't able to exercise, foam rolling can be used for pain relief. Some radiating pain and symptoms could be occurring from tight muscles. By rolling out these tight muscles some radiating pains can be relieved.

As far as what foam roller to use, there are many great products on the market today, but our favorite is TriggerPoint foam rollers.  TriggerPoint foam rollers provide an ideal amount of firmness to padding ratio with grid indentions within the foam that mimic hands and fingers applying pressure.  The Back & Body Clinic in Lewisville is a preferred distributor with TriggerPoint and offers foam rollers for sale in our clinic.  

Consult one of our healthcare professionals about your specific needs.

Visit The Back & Body Clinic in Lewisville to learn more about all the ways that we can serve you. 


Dr. Matthew Gilbert

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