3 Reasons to Get IV Nutrition Therapy

Here at The Back & Body Clinic, we are big fans of IV nutrition therapy.

While we could talk for hours about this topic, and we have a lecture we give on this topic, we wanted to highlight three simple reasons why you should receive IV nutrition therapy.

But first, why IV nutrition?

Three reasons to get IV nutrition therapy:

1. Its immediate nutrients are delivered straight to your blood- much faster than taking it orally. This means you will feel better faster!
2. Greater impact of nutrients on the body because none is lost through the gut. In other words, the entire dose makes it to the tissue, so it's more effective. 
3. Many people have an imperfect diet lacking in basic nutrition to begin with. Even with a perfect diet, there are genetic and environmental factors that put us all still at risk for deficiencies. Therefore, adding high levels of nutrition in a form that is easy to absorb can be beneficial to most everyone!
Schedule your appointment in our clinic today to get your IV nutrition so you can stay well with a strong immune system.
Kailey Turrubiarte, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

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