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Dr. Gilbert's Interview with Shark Tank's Kevin Herrington about The Back & Body Clinic and its Services

    1. "I would recommend this clinic to anyone for back pain and stiffness!"

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    1. "Everyone here from the doctors to the staff are amazing! Make your appointment today."

    2. Kim M. google

    1. "Everyone here does a great job! They're so friendly and really care about their clients."

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    1. "Love this practice. The staff takes great care of their patients!"

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    1. "The level of care I receive here is above any other that i've had before."

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    1. "The staff and doctors here are absolutely amazing and I wouldn't trust anyone else."

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    1. "I am now able to enjoy an active life because of their excellent care!"

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    1. "This place is magic! My first adjustment and I feel like a completely different person!"

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The Back & Body Clinic is proudly affiliated with Southwestern Health Resources to provide more accessible and high-quality care to our community.

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Families in Lewisville, Texas and nearby communities who prefer an integrative, personalized, whole-person approach to health care can find it at The Back & Body Clinic. We provide a comprehensive list of family medicine and chiropractic services to people of all ages. Our team is highly experienced and we recognize a need for an integrative, collaborative approach to health care in which providers with different specializations work together for the benefit of each patient. This collaborative model allows for reduced treatment times and improved overall experience and outcome for individuals with a variety of health concerns.

With their extensive training and experience, the team at The Back & Body Clinic provides family medicine services, including an on-site lab, on-site digital X-rays, and diagnostic ultrasound technology. The practice also has a spinal decompression table and offers hormone therapy, steroid, and nonsteroidal injections, blood work, and a medically supervised weight loss program. The doctors work together to determine the root cause of pain and symptoms so they can help people of all ages get back on their feet as quickly and as naturally as possible.

Treatment plans also include physical therapy and rehabilitation, and natural pain management techniques. At The Back & Body Clinic in Lewisville, the goal of treatment is to help each patient manage their pain and health issues long-term and live life to the fullest. They welcome families to their state-of-the-art practice with a friendly, personal atmosphere.

Services and Specialties



    Services & Specialties


    ✓  Family Medicine

    ✓  Functional Medicine 

    ✓  Chiropractic Care

    ✓  Physical Rehabilitation

    ✓  Joint & Trigger Point Injections





    ✓  Digital X-Ray & Diagnostic Ultrasound

    ✓  Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusion

    ✓  DNA/Toxicology Lab Testing

    ✓  Bloodwork & Onsite Lab Testing

    ✓  Medical Weight Loss & Hormone Therapy

All Major Insurance Accepted

For your convenience, The Back & Body Clinic accepts most major insurance plans. Click on "View full list of companies" to see a list of commonly accepted insurances. For specific insurance plan inquiries, please contact your insurance provider.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Care N' Care
United Health Care

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Words from our patients

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    "I always enjoy coming, not because I need the adjustment, but because the team is always supportive, positive and like family. I recommend this place to all I know!"

    Tracey M.
  • Demandforce

    "Everyone at Back & Body is great! I wouldn't go to anyone else. I trust Dr. Gilbert!

    Linda L.
  • Demandforce

    "I have been with Back & Body a few years. Its the only Chiropractic service I feel comfortable using. They make me feel at home."

    Jacqueline G.
  • Demandforce

    "Dr. Gilbert and his staff have exceeded my expectations and I completely trust them and would recommend them to anyone."

    Keith L.
  • Demandforce

    "I can truly say that Dr. Gilbert and his staff are one of the best healthcare offices I have ever been to."

    Conner O.
  • Demandforce

    "Excellent doctors and staff who are committed to giving the best care possible. I thank Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Marquis for the care that I have received."

    Carman K.


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